Your link between Europe and Asia for shipbuilding and other related maritime activities

Dear all,

After a career of almost 40 years at a group Belgian medium-size shipyards and at the end of the shipbuilding industry in Belgium, we were looking for new opportunities.

As ships and shipbuilding are our long lifetime passion and as the trends in this industry were moving very quickly away from Europe and towards the Far-East, we embarked on a first discovery tour to China in 2001. Very soon, we met the right people to cooperate with. A cooperation as a trader or as a shipbroker which still holds true today.

It started with the building of vessels for inland navigation – small barges and pontoons for the many water-bounded entrepreneurs in Belgium and the Netherlands. Today, we have also turned to very sophisticated dredging vessels and vessels for the offshore and installation of wind turbines at sea.

As of 2003 we have been developing a wide range of maritime related activities. We constantly strive to assist our customers with both their technical and commercial requirements, not only China but also in the other upcoming countries such as South-Korea and Vietnam.

Together with our local partners and friends we strive on tackling all challenges which we come up against.